Art Magickal Murals

Murals Trompe l'Oeil Faux Finishes

"Our Favorite Color is Clear"


Our Motto speaks volumes about
Art Magickal's approach to creating Art,
from Framed Art to towering Murals.


Yes, with each stroke of the brush, pen, pencil, or any other tool of the Art,
the luminosity that has become a part of the signature of
Art Magickal
delivers that Spark of Life and Clarity to a Work of Art,
with the Artists utilizing a broad spectrum of media to create
unique and individual works.
Dinosaur Baby
As fundamental as the Formal Training that runs through Art Magickal
is the Vision of the Artists,
and the ability to clearly transfer that Vision into Reality,
transforming barren cinder-block walls into soothing Vistas
or exciting Trompe l'Oeil Paintings
which seem to invite you to enter their Worlds.

Lost Continent Atlantis

Deep respect for Nature's endless variety of colors and patterns inspires
the Artists of Art Magickal
to create a Clear representation of the Natural World as they see it.


And you too will Clearly see that each color the Artists choose to include
in any work of Art,
from Monumental Exteriors to Intimate Interiors,
is indeed their favorite color!

William Mickey and Terra Stone
The Artists of Art Magickal

Our Goal?
To Transform, through Art,  any urban, suburban or rural space into a
Visual Haven.

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Iconic Art by Art Magickal

A Sunset on the Beach

A French Mountain Village

Faerie Garden

Everglades Wonder Gardens

Serengeti National Park

Sanibel Archway

Details of Temple

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